The menu consists of a mix of old family recipes and originals. All created with love and the intent to please. Check back regularly for new additions!

Traditional Pound cake topped with a lemon glaze

Pound Cakes

Individual Bundtlette: $5 / Bundtlette Set of Six: $25 / Loaf: $25 / Whole Bundt: $40

Traditional Pound Cake
Nothing beats Grandma’s recipe

Cream Cheese Pound Cake
Drizzled with a vanilla glaze

7 UP Pound Cake
A moist lemon lime twist to traditional pound cake

Brown Sugar Pound Cake
Topped with a Brown Butter Glaze, Toffee Bits, & Toasted Pecans

Chocolate Pound Cake
Rich moist melt in your mouth deliciousness

Lemon Pound Cake
Tart, sweet and filled with lemon flavor

Caramel Apple Pound Cake

Specialty Pound Cakes


Caramel Apple Pound Cake
Featuring apples sauteed and caramelized in a rum glaze

Red Velvet Marble Cake
Vanilla and red velvet flavors get swirled in a perfectly tender, moist and rich cake

Peach Cobbler Cream Cheese Pound Cake
Combing a peach cobbler and pound cake in one is a can’t miss

Layer Cakes

Starting at $45

Strawberry Lemon
Fresh strawberry cake topped with a light fresh lemon buttercream equals Summertime Freshness

A universal crowd pleaser that can’t be beat

German Chocolate

This show stopping German chocolate cake has a gooey coconut and toasted pecan filling

Triple Chocolate

Does this really need an explanation?


Lighter than the pound cake but just as lemon lime flavor filled


$30 / Dozen

Whether it’s for a birthday party or a wedding, this classic is sure to please

Strawberry Lemon
Topped with a Lemon Buttercream, get the fresh feel of Summer all-year round

Triple Chocolate
Decadent, rich and moist, need I say more?

Brown Butter Caramel

Browned butter elevates any recipe. Add in some caramel and milk chocolate toffee bits and it’s *Chef’s Kiss

Mother’s Day Special: Cupcake Bouquets

Cobblers & Cookies

Peach Cobbler
Juicy peaches enclosed in a flaky golden crust garnished with cinnamon and nutmeg
Small $25 / Large $35

Chocolate Chip Toasted Pecan Cookies
Step up a classic with pecans toasted in nutmeg and cinnamon
$15 / Dozen

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Ooey gooey chewy cookies
$15 / Dozen

Strawberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies
Fun, cute, and delicious
$15 / Dozen

Strawberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies

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