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When the love of baking courses through one’s veins, as it has for four-plus generations, sharing that passion with the world is a blessing. To be able to witness amazement and satisfaction reflected on your face fills my heart with joy! Whether its a cake, cobbler, cookie, or cupcake, indulge in reminiscence, evoked comfort, and a sense of home simply from one bite. Using quality ingredients Renee’s Recipes, LLC provides traditional desserts, made from scratch, with a contemporary flair.

Red Velvet Marble Cake
Red Velvet Marble Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

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The menu consists of a mix of old family recipes and originals. All created with love and the intent to please. Check back regularly for new additions!

Most Popular

Traditional Pound Cake

Loaf $25 / Whole Bundt $40

Your choice of a lemon glaze or caramel icing topping

Red Velvet Marble Cake


Drizzled with a Cream Cheese Icing

Peach Cobbler

Small $25 / Large $35

Juicy peaches enclosed in a flaky golden crust garnished with cinnamon and nutmeg

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